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Why am I not getting tracking updates?Updated 2 years ago

If you ordered a CD, book or stickers...

Most flat products are shipped in flat padded mailers. USPS delivers these packages like regular mail to your mailbox and therefore do not qualify for tracking updates.

If your order is stuck in "pre-shipment"...

"Pre-shipment" is the first stage of a tracked package and is initiated once your shipping label is printed. It will take 1-3 business days until the package is handed over to USPS, but it's possible that your package won't get physically scanned by a postal worker until much later. It is not uncommon for backlogged packages to remain unscanned for several weeks at a USPS facility. We encourage you to remain patient during this time!

If you live outside the United States...

Once USPS hands your package over to an international carrier, tracking through their system ends and you must check your country's USPS-partnered carrier for further updates.

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